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My Teaching Activities

Teaching activities outside IIT Kanpur #

2022-2023 #

Teaching Assistant #

  1. Teaching Assistant for the NPTEL course Calculus of One Real Variable (2022)

    Instructor : Prof. Joydeep Dutta, IIT Kanpur

    Duration: August - September, 2022 (16 hours)

    Details: Conducted tutorial and problem solving sessions for the NPTEL course once every week. The sessions are recorded and are uploaded in YouTube.

Link to the playlist containing tutorial lectures is given below ↡
Find all the tutorial lecture playlist on YouTube

Workshops #

  1. Conducted Advanced LaTeX workshop in the Department of Information Technology, of University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET) of Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University (CSJM).

    Duration: September - October, 2022 (30 hours)

2021-2022 #

YouTube Videos #

I have been conducting a lecture series on YouTube targeted toward JAM/JEST aspirants. In this lecture series, I have discussed problems of thermal physics, which appeared in previous year’s examinations; and I have also taught the relevant topics. I think these lectures will be very beneficial to the students.

Link to playlist is given below ↡
Find the full lecture playlist on YouTube
Link to all lecture notes is given below ↡
Find the all lecture notes on Google Drive

Video links and notes for individual lessons are given below ↡

  1. Lecture-01 YouTube - Notes –>
  2. Lecture-02 YouTube - Notes
  3. Lecture-03 YouTube - Notes
  4. Lecture-04 YouTube - Notes
  5. Lecture-05 YouTube - Notes
  6. Lecture-06 YouTube - Notes
  7. Lecture-07 YouTube - Notes
  8. Lecture-08 YouTube - Notes
  9. Lecture-09 YouTube - Notes
  10. Lecture-10 YouTube - Notes
  11. Lecture-11 YouTube - Notes
  12. Lecture-12 YouTube - Notes
  13. Lecture-13 YouTube - Notes
  14. Lecture-14 YouTube - Notes
  15. Lecture-15 YouTube - Notes
  16. Lecture-16 YouTube - Notes
  17. Lecture-17 YouTube - Notes
  18. Lecture-18 YouTube - Notes

Institute Teaching Assistantship #

2021-2022 #

  1. Teaching Assistant in PHY205A - Fundamental Of Soft Matter

    Instructor : Dr. Manas Khan

  2. Teaching Assistant in PHY102AA-Physics-I

    Instructors : Dr. Manas Khan, Dr. Supratik Banerjee

2020-2021 #

  1. Teaching Assitant in PHY102AA - Physics-I

    Instructors : Dr. Manas Khan, Dr. Supratik Banerjee